Pricing that respects your work as a professional author.
New Harbor Press is unique in offering professional packages below self-publishing prices. Compare us to any other subsidy or self-publisher — you won’t find any with as many features for the costs we are able to offer.

About Our Free eBooks
If you choose the QuickStart package, you simply provide us a MS Word document of your manuscript along with a front cover and we take care of the rest.  Cost to you – nothing!  We will convert your manuscript to all major eBook formats and distribute/sell in all major eBook stores. [NOTE: This offer is valid only for authors residing in the United States.]

What Size Can I Print My Book?
Although the default size for paperback books is 6×9″, we allow authors to select from any of the sizes we print: Crème Pages: 4.25×7, 4×6, 4×7, 4.72×7.48, 5.25×8, 5.5×8.25, 5.5×8.5, 5×7, 5×8, 5.83×8.27, 6×9, 6.14×9.21 … or White Pages: 4.25×7, 4.37×7, 4×6, 4×7, 4.72×7.48, 5×7, 5×8, 5.06×7.81, 5.25×8, 5.5×8.25, 5.5×8.5, 5.83×8.27, 6×9, 6.14×9.21, 6.69×9.61, 7.44×9.69, 7.5×9.25, 8×8, 8.5×8.5, 8.5×9

Is My Book Ready to be Published?
We all tend to be somewhat myopic about our own writing.  Get a professional high level manuscript review to help you prepare your book for submission to a publisher.

My Book is ready to be Published
If your manuscript is complete and you are ready to publish, simply select one of our popular packages below.

Paperback (6 x 9")XXX
Author Friendly ContractXXXX
Library of Congress NumberXXX
Professionally Edited ManuscriptXX
Professionally Designed InteriorXXX
Custom Designed CoverXXX
3 Manuscript & Cover RevisionsXXX
Retail Price SelectionXXXX
Worldwide DistributionXXXX
Bowker Database RecordXXXX
Free 9 Week Marketing CourseXX
Order FulfillmentXXXX
Royalties (of retail price)50%50% / 20%50% / 20%50% / 20%
Free Books3510
Author Book Discounts30%30%30%
Package PriceFREE$499 **$799 **$1099 **

** Manuscripts larger than 60,000 words, will add $0.01 per word.


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