Bookstore Return Program

Brick and mortar stores will stock books as long as they can guarantee there is absolutely no financial risk in case a book does not sell.  Traditional publishers offer stores a no-risk return policy for any books that are unsold.  You can level the playing field by also offering this benefit when publishing your book.

How does this work?
By default, books are marked “non-returnable” to let bookstores know that when they purchase a book from us, it cannot be returned to the distributor if it does not sell. By purchasing this “12 Month Return Program” feature, New Harbor Press will indicate in the metadata that your book is “returnable” by retailers for a refund.  This increases the likelihood that a store may be willing to carry your book since they now have no financial risk. Unfortunately, New Harbor Press does not have control over whether a bookstore will order and stock your book. Each bookstore has its own parameters for determining which books to order and stock.

How do we compare?
Xlibris = $1299.00
iUniverse = $749.00
AuthorHouse = $749.00
New Harbor Press = $399.00



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