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New Harbor Press, Publishers, Rapid City, SD

First time author needing to establish credibility?  Need a low cost alternative to expensive self-publishing companies? Looking to make more money from the sales of your books?  New Harbor Press was established for just those reasons.

Using this division of CrossLink Publishing, you will have access to the same editors, designers, and typesetters that produce the award -winning books for this traditional publisher.  The difference is that you choose which services you need to cross the finish line with your book – we are ready to help you with as many of our experienced, professional resources as you need.

From eBook to Hardcover – New Harbor Delivers!

Be sure to compare New Harbor Press to Authorhouse, Xlibirs, and iUniverse to see the professional difference we can make in bringing your book to market.

Cost. Because we leverage the same resources as our traditional publishing parent company, we don’t have to charge exorbitant prices to cover our expenses.
Quality. Our book covers are custom created from your ideas – not from a template that you choose or artwork that you supply.

Sales. Retail price for your book will be competitive, not artificially inflated to cover our costs.

Our packages offer a wide array of options and publishing footprints that give you exactly what you need at below self-publishing prices.  Make sure your book has that “produced by professionals” look  – provided exclusively by New Harbor Press.


Publishing, Your Way!